Championing Wales's contribution to the UK Armed Forces

The proposed closure of the Brecon Barracks, which is scheduled for 2027, would be a tragic loss to our community. In addition to its truly historical and social significance, it cannot be overstated how critical the facility is to our national security.

Brecon is proud to be the location of the Army's HQ in Wales and 160th Brigade. During times of regional and national crisis, Brecon barracks is the location of the critical response unit, which co-ordinates the actions of the military. The equipment and expertise housed in Brecon are a source of pride and should be protected.

I am committed to campaigning against the closure of the barracks, and I will use my position as Member of Parliament for Brecon and Radnorshire to ensure that my opposition is heard at the top levels of Government. If a compromise cannot be found, I will be working closely with colleagues in both the Ministry of Defence and HQ Wales to ensure the impact on the local economy and local identity is minimal.