Fay Jones MP Windfarm Campaign

Background of this issue:

Brecon and Radnorshire is blessed to be endowed with the land elevation which distinguishes its beautiful landscapes, at the centre of which sits the internationally renowned Brecon Beacons. The virtues do however also represent a curse in that for some, far from recognising the beauty first and foremost, the opportunity to profit from these landscapes is what is firmly in the foreground.

Over-populating the landscape with windfarms poses a risk of blighting iconic scenery. A scenery which contributes directly to the local economy and is therefore vital to protect. Local businesses and communities need to grow and thrive, land for food production is essential and the environment needs to be preserved but this can’t happen if wind farms are blotting the landscape.   

It is impossible to put a price on these idyllic landscapes and that is what overrides the relative economy or otherwise of onshore construction.

Why is Fay acting on this matter?

Fay has campaigned on this matter since becoming Brecon and Radnorshire’s Member of Parliament, to stand up for residents who are and will be affected by the construction of these wind farms and ultimately to protect the environment and landscapes.

We have to bring communities with us in the fight against climate change, and Fay believes that is best served by siting wind farms offshore. The UK Government has outlined ambitious plans to increase offshore wind capacity to 40GW by 2030, which would triple the current output, and Celtic Seas Welsh coastal proposal alone has the potential to contribute 25 of those gigawatts, so we can do this.

“Whilst I recognise the importance of promoting the UK's energy security, I do not believe that building obtrusive 220-metre-high wind turbine structures and accompanying pylons across our unspoilt countryside in beauty spots such as the Radnor Forest is the answer.”

What is Fay doing in response to this campaign?

Fay has consistently made the case to the Welsh Government, which is ultimately responsible for this area of policy, and others including Bute Energy with whom Fay is in contact, to recognise the strength of feeling on this matter and consider alternative solutions.

Fay has hosted multiple surgeries and meetings, including most notably in Llanelwedd in March 2023 in relation to Bute Energy’s proposals, with over 400 people in attendance. However more recently during the Whitsun recess in which there were pubs packed out with concerned constituents.

In early November 2021 Fay held a Garn Fech wind farm proposal resident survey to hear thoughts and concerns from the residents to whom this proposal may affect.

Fay will continue to act upon this issue and will respond accordingly to any concerns over this matter.



Fay Jones MP hosts Pylons Surgery

Fay Jones MP hosted a surgery yesterday focused on Bute Energy's proposals for wind turbines and accompanying pylons in the Radnor Forest stretching down through Radnorshire and Breconshire.

Fay Jones MP speaks out against pylon plans

Brecon and Radnorshire MP Fay Jones joined hundreds of residents in voicing concerns about plans to build a 60kilometre stretch of pylons across the constituency.